LIGHT: Many of these are low-light requirement plants, but use our rule of thumb regarding leaf size. The wider the leaves, the less light they will require. Most of them can be grown under 1000 to 2500 footcandles.

TEMPERATURE: Most of the plants we are offering come from the southeast Asian countries, where their temperatures are mostly tropical. They will grow best when given warm to intermediate conditions, with temperatures running from 55 to 95 degrees.

WATER: Bulbophyllums are water lovers, so if they are mounted, they can take a watering twice a day. If potted, every 3-4 days with a slight drying out between waterings will keep them happy. If plants are not watered enough, the new leaf will be smaller than the previous one. HUMIDITY: We provide a natural humidity level of 60 percent, so anything from 60 to 100 percent will benefit them.

FERTILIZER: Use a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) twice a month at half strength for divisions and a high nitrogen fertilizer for the seedlings until they reach blooming size.

REPOTTING: If your plant is mounted and the new growths are reaching for the stars, they can be brought under control by wetting them down and securing them with monofilament line or a rubber band. Either one will break off after the plant is established. If they are in pots, use a larger, shallow pot and fine seedling bark mixed with perlite. Using a clay pot and letting them grow will soon result in a specimen ball! .